Infinite Biotech

Target Market

Toxicity testing has so far been affordable to, almost exclusively, large companies as animal testing is expensive and time-consuming.

INFINITE-µIND is affordable for every company. It is intended primarily for companies that care whether their employees or end users are exposed to hazardous powdered forms of materials.

With INFINITE-µIND technology, you can identify safe materials already in the development stages or warn employees and end users regarding safe handling of the final product.

We allow testing of long-term effects for...

Pharmaceutical Industries

. . . medicines and medicinal substances, especially water-insoluble or poorly soluble ones – in all stages of development and production.

Chemical Industries

. . . chemicals, especially powders like pigments, additives and sealants, insoluble or poorly water-soluble chemicals – in all stages of development and production.

Construction Industries

. . . dust generated during construction works or by decay or degradation of construction materials

Cosmetics Industries

. . . chemicals in cosmetic preparations, especially powders, insoluble or poorly soluble chemicals; and chemicals and powders from which solvents eventually evaporate – at all stages of development and production.

Plastic Industries

. . . polymers, such as polypropylene, polyethylene, polyamides and others, from which nylon, rubber, resins and similar are produced. 

Metal Processing Industries

. . . metal oxide dusts, which are mainly produced during processing or wear of metallic materials.

Electronic Industries

. . . powders of various oxides, ceramics, semiconductors and other advanced materials; and substances produced during the decay of electronic components.


. . . dusts generated during the production of ship hulls and other parts.

Affordability for Everyone